Aquavets, LLC


AquaVets, LLC

We had the pleasure to work with this new business from the ground up. The owner is a veteran, a visionary and a serial entrepreneur. Our founder is also a veteran, so the connection was made pretty quickly. This company specializes in rainwater harvesting, gutter repair, and irrigation, hence the Aqua in the name, and the Vets part comes from the owner being a veteran. The business owner wanted a water drop in his logo, the Red, White and Blue, while having a water drop coming out of the letter Q. Nailed it! This project did take us about 4 hours to complete using Adobe Illustrator, 1 hour of brainstorming and about 30 minutes of getting feedback from drafts we made. Every-time we create a logo, we account for two draft samples that will be completely redone, or slightly refined before we charge additional fees. In this case, no extra fees were charged because the project went smoothly.

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