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The customer wanted to promote her new massage studio in Oro Valley. She had been trying Facebook Ads, Google Ads, but nothing seemed to make the location gain more traction. Being in a very prosperous area of town, it did not make sense that the rent was high and the foot traffic was so low. So we consulted with the client, brainstormed some ideas. We pitched an upbeat appeal, something different from what other massage therapy businesses do. Our story-line was one that reflected the excitement of getting a massage by yourself or with your friends, as well as the loyalty rewards program the currently have. This video shoot was done in one day, about 1.5 hours of video shoot time, while the video was edited in 3 (for the first version) and an additional hour was invested in cutting the video length down. 

The video was launched and the results were astounding! Over 2k views within 3 days. 

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