Affordable Auto Painting


Affordable Auto Painting

The client felt inspired to do something different to promote his business. As we consulted with him, we identified some key must have features. First of all, someone must be run over. It must have some humor, but yet portray a message of efficiency and helpfulness. The target market: Men between Generation X and Millennials. This video was shot in three phases: 

  1. A 2 hour video shoot before the car was painted
  2. A 1 hour session in our green screen studio
  3. A 45 minute post paint job video shoot

The editing took about 6 hours. From start to finish though, it took us about 1 week to produce. We launched this video on Social Media and the company website. The results were amazing and exactly as we had planned it! Local people watched the video more than 1k times within 2 days, with zero advertising dollars. Phone calls, Messages, Walk-ins and Online Quote requests came in almost immediately.

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